Today in Broadcast Medias : innovation is driven by Technology and your infrastructure is changing rapidly but if you don’t invest in people…
• The adoption of the new infrastructure will take time
• The product training will not be sufficient if the team doesn’t understand the fundamentals
• Some tools will only be used at a portion of their capabilities
• As the complexity increases, major failures will have a significant impact without in-house knowledge
• The expected improvement in terms of efficiency will not materialize
• The turnover of the manpower will increase and the loyalty to the company will fade out

The penetration of IT technology accelerates in Broadcast Infrastructure
• File-based workflow is dominant in many applications
• In many organizations, it has been challenging to manage the transition
• Tomorrow, the infrastructure will be entirely based on IT technology


A change of paradigm : according the Big Broadcast Survey, Digital Media Platform is the number one challenge for the industry
• It is a given and every corporation need to embrace it as defensive or aggressive strategy
• In most cases the business model is still to be found
• Every workflow is or will be affected (streaming, VOD, UGC, logging, repurposing, publishing)

But a New Media Platform strategy can bring efficiency across the board
• Adoption of new inexpensive Technology at lowest cost possible
• Take the opportunity to implement more efficient processes across the organization (Technical, Operational and Business)
• Good understanding of technology and trends will allow for better engagement with Vendors
• If you are a Vendor, you can transform your sales force to better address your customers’ challenges
• If your are a Corporation or a Houses Of Worship, you can gain to the new generation of affordable video technology