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to train broadcast and video professionals through customized hands-on programs.
The MEDIA180 in North America leverage 15 years of experience of its parent companies IIFA based in Europe. The team is made of Media Industry specialists with strong experience in training and consulting. The team covers a large numbers of domains for creative, editorial, technology and production aspects but also proficient in project management, business development, marketing or product support disciplines.

Media180 team members accumulate 200 years of Experience with Broadcast and IT technology and operation with proven record in multiple positions; Journalist, Technical Editor, Producer, Video and film Editor, Videographer, Cameraman, director, Colorist, Technical director, System engineer, Broadcast engineer, Engineer in Charge, IT Support Engineer, Development engineer, Technical support, Product Manager and Marketing Manager.

Pascal Souclier 100

Pascal Souclier CEO and Co-Founder
After 6 years on the French channel France 2 as production manager, Pascal joined IIFA company in 1997, a French professional training organization specialist in Digital transition.
He became the CEO in 2013 and create MEDIA 180 Inc in the U.S in 2015.
At the head of IIFA and Media 180 Inc, Pascal Souclier trained and accompanied from last 15 years the skills evolution of thousands of technical and engineering professional in audiovisual medias and broadcast area in Europe and North America.

David Baud 100

David Baud, VP Operations and training specialist
David Baud is a colorist and finishing editor. He has worked for over 20 years in production as a cameraman, editor, visual FX artist, director & producer. His work encompasses documentary, short film and feature films. He has worked for the major networks in Europe and the United States. David started working in film, and has experienced the evolution of making broadcast television shows to today digital format. He was in the forefront of non-linear online editing in the early 90’s and has been working with digital systems since then. He holds a degree in computer science. Today aside of focusing on telling stories using the optimal color palette, he also enjoys sharing his knowledge about the tools and workflows to make a film! David supervises and runs the training assessments and he is also a UHD / HDR and file formats training specialist.

Eric Dufosse 100

Eric Dufosse Co-Founder
Eric DuFossé has been very instrumental to the creation and the deployment of MEDIA180 in North America. An expert in broadcast systems and advanced workflow solutions, Eric spent 10 years in TV production for the second largest French national TV station and for France Telecom in the outside broadcasting production field. In 1995, Eric moved to Broadcast vendors side of the industry, he held various roles in sales, marketing, product management, as well as management roles for SONY, Philips, Thomson, Tektronix and Grass Valley. Eric was also a technical editor for professional video magazines and conducted technical courses for the French Audiovisual Institute, in addition to a number of conferences on image capture, broadcast workflows, and asset management. Eric is now in Hewlett Packard Enterprise corporation as the M&E Practice Principal for Americas.


Wes Simpson, Consultant and Training Specialist
Wes Simpson is President of Telecom Product Consulting. He has 35 years of experience in the design, development, application and marketing of products for video and telecommunication applications. He developed well-received training seminars for the VSF, the IEEE BTS, SMPTE and joined Media180 Inc. to deliver customized training courses on networking and video over IP.
Wes is a frequent television industry speaker at events such as VidTrans, SMPTE, NAB and IBC, and a regular columnist for TV Technology. He also serves on the Board of Editors for SMPTE’s Journal of Motion Imaging as well as on the SMPTE 32nf team that created SMPTE ST 2110. He has written two books which have both been released as second editions by Focal Press: “IPTV and Internet Video” and “Video Over IP.”
Wes holds a BSEE from Clarkson University and an MBA from the University of Rochester.

Sam_Shore 100

Sam Shore, Consultant and Trainer
Sam Shore has a wide range of experience in television production, broadcast education and project definition and management. Bringing together skills as a producer, director and editor Sam has delivered programming to outlets such as CBS, Discovery, PBS and Nickelodeon. For over a decade graduate students at the University of California, Berkeley benefited from Sam’s extensive broadcast journalism background. Defining and implementing critical broadcast software projects has been Sam’s focus in recent years to the advantage of such marquee clients as CNN, CBS, A&E Networks and Sony Pictures Entertainment. A critical concern of Sam’s is insuring that today’s essential software based implementation projects are successful and all parties share in the reward of a positive outcome.

Rob Robinson 100

Rob Robinson, Consultant and Trainer
Robert began his career in the media industry in Hollywood, California editing television series, movies of the week, and miniseries. After ten years he was recruited by Philips Broadcast to work on their digital editing applications at their Salt Lake City, Utah plant. Over the next decade and through mergers and acquisitions, he expanded into product marketing and project management for Thomson Multimedia and Grass Valley, Inc. His most recent move was to Hillsboro, Oregon and the specialties of workflow analysis, curriculum design and training. He has managed deployment and training projects for major television broadcast companies including CNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS in the United States, and TV Cultura (Sao Paulo), VC Medios (Bogota, Colombia), Shaw Broadcast (Toronto and Vancouver), and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Sydney).

Bob Richardson 100

Bob Richardson, Consultant and Trainer
After escaping from the IT world, Bob joined the Profile Video Server group at Tektronix (Later becoming Grass Valley) when fibre-channel networking was added to the PDR200 in 1999. The last 15 years have been spent in a variety of roles including Support Engineer, Project Manager, Customer Support Manager, Customer Advocate and Product Manager for the K2 Server and Storage product line. This exposed him to a variety of third parties including automation systems, traffic and storage. Bob has also spent the last several years closely following the evolution of Cloud Computing and it’s impact on the Broadcast and Production markets. He has an experience trainer has been educating Broadcast and IT technology to various audiences.

denise with logo

Denise Williams, Publicist Press Contact


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